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In the news September 1939 through December 1940


Lt. Tipler began the war as The Perth Regiment of Canada (MG) Adjutant.  We are indebted to him for his foresight in understanding the magnitude of what was yet to come.  Starting September 1, 1939, he began maintaining a scrap book of newspaper clippings from the local paper, The Stratford Beacon-Herald, chronicling the history of the Perths prior to being send overseas.  This has become invaluable in our research into the Regimental history.  He would end the war as Lt. Col. and subsequently commanded the Regiment.


As time progressed and the Perths were stationed at NOTL, Hamilton, Toronto, and Base Borden the entries became less frequent with the last entry being February 1941.


We would like to thank his son, Grant Tipler, for his gracious donation of these scrapbooks and in entrusting them to our custody.  They are treasured greatly.   

Lieut. J E. Tipler (Adjutant) pictured here as Lt. Col.

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The scrapbooks end abruptly in February 1941 although we know that articles and notices would still have been published until wars end.  If you have any information we would love to obtain copies to continue the work of chronicling the Regimental history.  Submissions can be sent to   

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