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The Fighting Perths

The Fighting Perths by the late Major Stafford Johnston is at present the only complete history of the Perth Regiment's Second World War service. It has long been out of print.  However through the courtesy of the family of Stafford Johnston, we can now make it available online.

A sincere debt of thanks is owed to Jerry Scislowski for scanning and retyping the original.


Publisher’s Note to the Original Edition:

This brief history of The Perth Regiment is published to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the mobilization of the regiment for active service, 4 September 1939. The author, Major Stafford Johnston, served with distinction in World War II. He was with The Oxford Rifles in 1939 but transferred to the Elgin Regiment, September 1940, as an active officer. The Elgins moved overseas in 1942 as part of the 4th Canadian Armoured Division. Later Stafford Johnston became the Intelligence Officer of 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade, a formation which took part in the D Day assault on the Normandy coast and later took a prominent part in the battle of Caen and the Victory at Falaise. Major Johnston is presently on the staff of The Stratford Beacon-Herald as its Associate Editor. The cover design, the map and illustrations are by Major J. M. Dent of Wallaceburg, Ontario. Major Dent served overseas with the Perths in the Italian and North-West Europe campaigns, World War II.


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