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Perth Regiment (MG)

The Perth’s tasking since 1936 had been that of a Corps Machine Gun Battalion, The Perth Regiment (MG), and for the first 18 months of the war the unit trained in this capacity. On March 4, 1941 the Perth's were then notified they would become part of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division. This assignment changed the regimental tasking from a Corps Machine Gun Battalion to that of Motorized Infantry, The Perth Regiment (Motor).

Below are several photographs taken during training while the unit served as The Perth Regt. (MG).  The pictures are from the collection of Lt. Col. Jack Tipler and provided courtesy of his son Grant Tipler.  They may be enlarged by clicking on each picture.  

Upper Picture:  Firing at a 30ft. range established in a gravel pit "Somewhere near Stratford".  From left to right, the men are: C.S.M. F.G. Twist (Standing),  at no. 1 Gun is Private F. Baker, at no. 2 gun is Private George Briggs, with Sergeant A. B. Baird adjusting the apparatus.  At no. 3 gun is Private J. R. Spencer and standing directly behind him is Corporal W. Furzer. In the background behind Corporal Furzer can be seen Corporal P. W. Mertens.  Looking on operations at No. 4 gun is Lieut. R. S. Reid (in khaki shirt) and Sergeant D. R. Bruce.  With his hands behind his back at the rear is Sergeant Ernie Hobson and kneeling is Lance-Corporal W. Hass.   The picture was taken in April 1940.

Training Circa 1939.  (Click on the image to enlarge.)

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