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Trojek, Pte. John Peter


KIA Jan. 17th, '44


Erieau, Ontario

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Trojek, Pte. John Peter
Trojek, Pte. John Peter

Additional Information:

TOS f/3CDIRU, 23Apr43; A. Coy, 10Sep43(WD); Ericcson, Nov43 

Son of John and Stephanie Trojek, of Erieau, Ontario. Canada.

John enlisted in the Kent Regt. (Active Force) as soon as it was mobilized though he was only 17 years old at the time, and had served for the next two years. He trained at Chatham, London, Halifax, Niagara and Terrace, BC. before going overseas. Pte Trojek spent a weekend leave with his family in Erieau in March 1942. CDN 18/03/42 He was reported celebrating his 20th birthday in D-Company of the First Kents in New Westminister, BC. CDN 12/09/42(P)

The eldest son of John and Stephania Trojek, of Erieau, Ontario. Canada. John had been born in Czechoslovakia and came to Canada as a young boy. He received his education in Erieau and prior to his enlistment he was employed at the Lake Erie Coal dock in Erieau. He has a brother Dick in the RCAF.

Pte Trojek spent a weekend leave with his family in Erieau in March 1942. CDN 18/03/42 He was reported celebrating his 20th birthday in D-Company of the First Kents in New Westminister, BC. CDN 12/09/42(P)  The parents of Pte. Trojek received notice of John’s safe arrival overseas. CDN 26/02/43. ’The CDN 12/05/43 reported that Pte.Trojek had gone overseas attached to the Perth Regt.

John had celebrated his 21st birthday in September 1943 with the Perth Regt. then overseas.

His parents had recently received a letter from John saying that he had arrived safely in Sicily. Officially listed as MIA since 17 January 1943. His mother told of a premonition of seeing her son lying in a field where there were a lot of tin cans, and that his eyes were black. As she approached him she said he reached out his arms. Since then she had worried about his well being.

The CDN 6/09/44 reported that john’s parents received from the department of National Defence message that “For official purposes Pte. John Trojek was listed as dead.”

John was reported as MIA in the CDN 22/02/44.

Age: 21, KIA – Date of Death: 17/01/1944, in Italy. Service No: A/49675

The family of John Peter Trojek along with the RCL-185 had an “Honour Their Sacrifice” banner in 2016.

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