Smith, Pte. John Archibald "Archie" (A. J.)



Stratford, Ontario

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Smith, Pte. John Archibald "Archie" (A. J.)
Smith, Pte. John Archibald "Archie" (A. J.)

Additional Information:

21Oct41; A.J., B. Coy, 07Mar43(WD); Ericcson, Nov43 

From: Victoria Felkar

  • Registered in Stratford.

  • Served from around 1939 to 1945/1946 - spent time in Italy, North Western Europe, among other locations.

  • Returned to Listowel after the war.

  • His dog tags say "A.J. Smith" (which stood for Archibald "Archie" J. Smith).

  • His service number was A11886.

  • He was a private.

  • He died in an accident shortly after returning home to Listowell.

  • His "naughty name" was Pumpkin Head.

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