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O'Halloran, L/Cpl. Edward Martin

A11675 (WD) A11679(?) (WD)


Oct. 7th, 39

Guelph, Ontario

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O'Halloran, L/Cpl. Edward Martin
Courtesy Martha (Marty) Wilder
O'Halloran, L/Cpl. Edward Martin

Courtesy Martha (Marty) Wilder

Courtesy Martha (Marty) Wilder

Additional Information:

Pte, D. Coy(Dec39); Pte, 21Oct41; SOS A. Coy, 23Nov42; Pte, TOS f/5CIRU to A. Coy, 15Jan43; Pte, A. Coy, 07Mar&17May43; A/L/Cpl, A. Coy, 14Aug43; L/Cpl, A. Coy, 10Sep43(WD); L/Cpl, Ericcson, Nov43

"The back of the photo indicates “September 1945—Ted comes home from Europe”.  In the photo, left to right are my grandmother, Mary Ellen OHalloran McGarry, Ted OHalloran (in his uniform), his father John OHalloran, brother Johnny and sister Jeanne OHalloran Snape."  Martha (Marty) Wilder

"My father, who is no 90, had told me that Ted had “run away from home at the age of 16” and joined the Perth Regiment in Stratford during World War II.  Ted was born in Guelph in 1923 and died in Hamilton in 1978."  Martha (Marty) Wilder

"...he [father] relayed another story about Ted that is a great little anecdote.  My Dad, who was six years younger, (10 at the time), helped Ted pack his things when he ran away from home to join the army.  The family had no idea where he had gone and the police had a missing persons report out on him.  When he joined the Perth Regiment, he was so small they didn’t have a uniform to fit him and gave him a bugler’s uniform from the first world war.  As you guessed, they eventually found out he was underage and likely sent him to the reserves until he became of age and eventually had active duty." Martha (Marty) Wilder

"my Dad told me he thought Ted was a night messenger in Italy. I will keep looking for other photos. My Dad is among the last of the line. His father Patrick McGarry was a flight sergeant with the RCAF. Ted was only a few years older than my Dad and my grandmother had raised Ted most of life , his own mother having died in childbirth."  Martha (Marty) Wilder

"He enlisted October 7th 1939 and his service number was A11675. There is some strange information I am not sure how it was derived, but he may have been taken off strength later in 1939 and reinstated in 1942. If it was known he was underage they may have taken him off "active" duty and left him in the reserve Battalion. By 1942 he would of been of age. Maybe this explains the notations."  James McRae

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