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Hyatt, Pte. Roy Elwood


KIA Dec. 5th, '44


Wheatley, Alberta

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Hyatt, Pte. Roy Elwood
Hyatt, Pte. Roy Elwood

Additional Information:

Trans'd f/AA artillery.(Sidall) Hit by MG fire(24FdAmb)

After enlisting Pte. Hyatt served on the Pacific coast from October 1942 until January of 1944 at which time he joined the active forces and trained in Calgary for overseas duty. The CDN Aug. 44 reported that Roy was leaving for Calgary after Roy had a ten day leave with friends and relatives. Roy had just received permission from Army Command to marry Miss Louise Windsor of Mersea sadly it was to never be. Roy arrived in England in August of 1944, leaving for Italy two weeks later to serve with the Perth Regiment.

On the morning of 5/12/44 at approximately 01:00 a.m. Roy was wounded by German machine gun fire while his unit was storming a bridge. Shot through the shoulder and spinal column he died later that day.

Date of Death: 05/12/1944, in Italy.

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