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Hamilton, Lt. Robert Archibald (Boney)



Stratford, Ontario

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Hamilton, Lt. Robert Archibald (Boney)
Hamilton, Lt. Robert Archibald (Boney)

Additional Information:

TOS, 23Oct42; Lieut, OC 4Pl, A. Coy, 06Feb43(WD); SOS hospital, 20Mar43; Lieut, TOS, 25Aug43(FRO); Lieut, A. Coy, 10Sep43(WD); Lieut, Ericcson, Nov43; missing, Arielli(WD) Prisoner, returned to Canada.(Jayne Hamilton).

"he went “Missing” in the regiment’s very first action? The designation “Missing” means that the regiment was not aware of what had happened to him and that’s what the family back in Canada would have been advised at first. It probably took many months for word to filter through (probably via the Red Cross) that he was alive and in captivity. Those would have been very trying months for the family." Gavin Watt

Obituary Information:
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