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Girard, Pte. Clarence William




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Girard, Pte. Clarence William
Girard, Pte. Clarence William

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"I know that he served from 1939 to 46 and was one of

the last soldiers to return home.  His name was Clarence William Girard born

in Windsor Ontario July 13, 1921, He died July 19th 1987 suddenly from a

heart attack.  Only a year after he retired from Kelsey Hayes of Canada here

in Windsor.  He joined the Army in Chatham Ontario  and served with the

Perth regiment.  He told me many stories of his battles in Italy,

Especially the one where he was wounded and walked right into a mine field.

All in the same day.  These injuries to his arm, with a bullet, and a piece

of shrapnel to his forhead landed him in the infurmury.  He said this all

happened in Naples.  He also told me that he was a runner between enemy

lines, He was promoted to Corperal too.  His three brothers served, two in

the army and one in the Navy.  Edward Joseph Girard from Erieau and His

brother Norman from Windsor both in the army.  Leonard from Windsor in the

Navy.  Edward Joseph was highly decorated because of his capture of 78

enemey soldiers at one time.  This was well documented by our Newspaper the

windsor star at the time."  Robert James Girard.

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