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Fisher, Maj. Peter Francis (Fish)



Toronto, Ontario

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Fisher, Maj. Peter Francis (Fish)
Fisher, Maj. Peter Francis (Fish)

Additional Information:

OC, 13Pl, C. Coy, 06Feb43; C. Coy Sports Officer, 08Feb43; Lieut, C. Coy, 19May43; Lieut, SOS t/3CIRU, 26May43(WD) Lieut, TOS, 17Sep43(FRO); Lieut, Ericcson, Nov43; Lieut, A. Coy, Arielli(LCol Rutherford); Lieut, A. Coy, 20Mar44; Lieut, SOS to hosp, 04Aug44; TOS, 27 Sep; Promot'd A/Capt, 2-I-C, D. Coy, 04Oct(WD); A/ Maj, D. Coy(02Jan45);  Maj, OC A. Coy 03Apr; A/CO regt, Aug; A. Coy, Sub Editor(Perthonian, Jul45); SOS, 16Jan46


Obituary Information:
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