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Bell, Cpl. Thomas Hudson



Newberry, Ontario

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Bell, Cpl. Thomas Hudson
Bell, Cpl. Thomas Hudson

Additional Information:

Thomas was born August 31st in Newberry, Ontario;  The son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bell of 337 Murray St., Wallaceburg.  The husband of Virginia Ruth (nee Grant), the father of Darryl and Randy. Thomas enlisted 28 August, 1942 and was stationed at No.12 BTC-Chatham. WN 8/10/42.  He served in the Army as [Cpl.]Captain for the Perth Regiment; Thomas enlisted 1st Depot AF Windsor on August 28th, 1942.

Captain Bell served in Central Mediterranean, Atea, and United Kingdom.

Obituary Information:

Thomas passed away in 1989 his wife 4/09/18 interment at Maple Leaf Cemetery.

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