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Barr, Pte. John R. (Jack) (J. E.)




Chatham, Ontario

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Barr, Pte. John R. (Jack)  (J. E.)
Barr, Pte. John R. (Jack)  (J. E.)

Additional Information:

J.E., TOS D. Coy f/5CIRU, 13Nov42; J.E., C. Coy, 08Mar43; J.E., TOS f/3CDIRU, 14Oct43, post'd C. Coy, 16Oct43(WD); Ericcson, Nov43

The son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Barr of St. Clair St., Chatham, ON. The brother of Cuthbert  was also serving in the Perth Regt., he had enlisted in September of 1940 with the 48th highlanders but transferred to the Perths while in England.

Pte. Bar had enlisted in 1941 and later joined the Perth Regt. in Italy. The CDN 16/02/44 reported that Pte. Jack Barr had been wounded in action during fighting in Italy.

Obituary Information:
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