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Barnett, Pte. Michael (Mike) S.




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Barnett, Pte. Michael (Mike) S.
Barnett, Pte. Michael (Mike) S.

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Michael (Mike) S. Barnett

Born: 6 September 1913 (US citizen)

Enlisted: 24 Sept 1940

Discharged to US Army: 5 September 1942 (Discharge signed by LTC Louis Keene)

Died: 13 July 1986

"Thank you both, and Mr. Scislowski, very much for your replies regarding my father who served with the Perth Regiment.  I have pored over your site and the related links looking for some glimpse of my father.  I found his name (Barnett, M. S.) and number (A 54639) on the Excel spreadsheet listing and must have stared at it for quite some time.

I remembered Dad telling me that he sailed from Halifax to England, and I found the name of the troopship on your site.  Little by little I am piecing together that part of my father's life.  I wish I had listened more closely and asked more questions when he spoke of his experiences so long ago.

Thank you once more.

Patrick M. Barnett

Garland TX"

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