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The Testaments Continue to Grow

The Testaments of Honour is chronicling first-hand accounts of Canadian military personnel who have been a part of any of the great events of the Twentieth Century. These include veterans of D-Day, Vimy Ridge, RAF Bomber Command and the Defence of the Atlantic.

Project Director Blake Heathcote has been asked to appear on CTV’s live network coverage of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider ceremonies May 25th, 26th and 28th.

The Testaments project has now reached 40 veterans, and is actively seeking more. Project Director Blake Heathcote hopes to attend the conference for Korean War Veterans in Ottawa in late June, as several veterans groups and individuals in the Ottawa area, naval veterans in the Niagara Peninsula, and the Annual Air Force Historical Conference in Cornwall.

"But we’re still looking for interested veterans, as well as existing videotaped oral histories to add to our central database," says Heathcote. "We need your assistance in contacting us and drawing out willing ‘Vets’."

In addition, Heathcote notes, "We have some base funding for the next four years, but it’s not enough to reach all the veterans that we need to. We need to be able to travel to Ottawa, Halifax, Edmonton and so forth to meet with the extraordinary individuals who offered everything they had and expected nothing in return. So we’re still hoping for more corporate partners to join the project".

To date, corporate partners include George Weston Ltd., Gendis Inc., Caldwell Securities, Apple Canada, Canon Canada, JVC Canada, Sennheiser Canada, BeachTek Audio, Kromer Radio and Pointts Ltd.

Please contact the Testaments of Honour project office with your ideas, support and contacts. And if you believe in the essential value of project and the fragility of the timeline, write your local MP, MPP or corporate office. Or send your letters to the Testaments e-mail address, and we'll forward them for you.

The project office and principal contact is:

Blake Heathcote 
Project Director 
Testaments of Honour 
21 Gormley Avenue 
Toronto, Ontario M4V 1Y9 
(416) 488-1963 o Fax (416) 488-2914 

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