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The Cemetery lies in the Commune of Argenta in the Province of Ferrara and the town of Argenta is 2 kilometres south of the cemetery on the SS16 connecting Ravenna with Ferrara.

The site of the cemetery was chosen by the 78th Division for battlefield burials, and the cemetery was later enlarged by the bringing in of burials from the surrounding district. It marks the final stages of the hard fighting in Italy in the spring of 1945, and contains among others the graves of many men of the Commandos engaged in the amphibious operations on the shores of the Comacchio lagoon early in April 1945. There are now over 600, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, a small number are unidentified.

K/48903 PTE. JOSEPH OVILA MARCIEN BELISLE, died Monday, 8th January 1945. Age 22.
Son of Henri and Anna Belisle; husband of Helen Margaret Belisle, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Grave Reference: IV,E, 17.

B/132818 PTE. ANTONIO JOSEPH DEMERS, died Thursday, 28th December 1944. Age 27.
Son of Joseph and Marie Anna Demers, of Corbeil, Ontario.
Grave Reference: IV,E,I.

B/145620 PTE. WILLIAM DAVID KINGDON, died Tuesday, 12th December 1944. Age 20.
Son of David and Mary C. Kingdon, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Grave Reference: IV,F,5.

M/104270 PTE. JOHN ALEXANDER ROBB, died Friday, 22nd December 1944. Age 29.
Son of James and Elizabeth Robb, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Grave Reference: IV,F,13.

A/59449 PTE. GORDON WILFRED STERLING, died Sunday, 24th December 1944.
Grave Reference:IV,F,21.

A/11455 C.S.M. EARL EDWARD WEAVER, died Wednesday, 20th December 1944. Age 24.
Son of Fred and Annie Weaver, of Hope Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Grave Reference: IV,F,17.

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