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Gradara War Cemetery is situated in the Commune of Gradara in the Province of Pesaro. It is located about 1.5 kilometres south of the SS16, midway between Pesaro and Riccione.

The site for the cemetery was chosen in November 1944 and it contains the graves of casualties incurred during the advance from Ancona to Rimini (which broke the Gothic Line) and in the heavy fighting around Rimini, which was taken by the Allies on 21st September 1944. There are now nearly 1,200, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, a small number are unidentified.

M/106030 PTE. ERIC ALM, died Monday, 4th September 1944. Age 21.
Son of E. and Olive Alm, of Veteran, Alberta, Canada.
Grave Reference: I,F,41.

A/11933 SGT. KENNETH STANLEY BECKNER, died Wednesday, 13th September 1944. Age 26.
Son of Herbert Stanley Beckner and Jennie Margaret Beckner, of Stratford, Ontario.
Grave Reference: I,F,38.

L/104580 PTE. LESLIE EDWARD CARR, died Sunday, 1st October 1944. Age 19.
Son of Edward and Hazel Carr, of Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Grave Reference: I,F,40.

A/55153 PTE. CHESTER DOAN, died Tuesday, 3rd October 1944.
Son of Cecil and Genevieve Doan; husband of Bridget Doan.
Grave Reference: I,F,39.

B/41881 PTE. ALBERT EDWARD MARTIN, died Thursday, 28th December 1944.
Grave Reference: I,F,36.

A/11025 C.S.M. ROBERTO MARQUIS, died Saturday, 30th September 1944. Age 26.
Son of John William and Margaret Penny Marquis; husband of Ada Evelyn Marquis.
Grave Reference: I,F,37.

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