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Cesena War Cemetery lies in the Commune of Cesena, in the Province of Forli, and is situated one kilometre north-east of Cesena railway station on the provincial road to Cervia (Route No.71 bis).

The cemetery site was selected by the Army in November 1944, and the cemetery was formed by concentrations from the surrounding battlefields. Those buried here died for the most part during the advance from Rimini to Forli and beyond in September-November 1944, an advance across one flooded river after another in atrocious autumn weather. There are now over 750, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, a small number are unidentified.

LIEUT. FREDERICK JAMES CULLITON, died Thursday, 28th September 1944. Age 28.
Son of Albert Bruce and Mary Culliton; husband of Juanita Culliton, of St. Mary'S,Ontario.
Grave Reference: III,G,7.

A/109177 PTE. EDWARD ARTHUR DEAN, died Saturday, 30th September 1944. Age 19.
C.I.C. Son of Clifford and Annie Dean, of Stratford,Ontario.
Grave Reference: VII,F,2.

B/142376 PTE. ROBERT GEORGE FASKEN, died Thursday, 28th September 1944.
Grave Reference: III,F,4.

L/100989 PTE. SIDNEY HARESIGN, died Thursday, 28th September 1944.
C.I.C. Son of Ernest Haresign and of Alice May Haresign (nee Batty), of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
Grave Reference: VII,F.7.

C/33634 PTE. JOSEPH DESITHE GERARD HILLS, died Thursday, 28th September 1944. Age 18.
C.I.C. Son of Thomas and Levina Joanetta Hills, of Hull, Province of Quebec.
Grave Reference: III,D,11.

A/115597 PTE. ROY ELWOOD HYATT, died Tuesday, 5th December 1944. Age 27.
C.I.C. Son of Annie Hyatt, of Wheatley, Ontario.
Grave Reference: IV,F,5.

CAPT. FRANKLIN BURNS KENNEDY, died Thursday, 28th September 1944.
Grave Reference: III,G,6.

G/7552 CPL. ZYGMONT KULIMOWSKI, died Thursday, 28th September 1944. Age 21.
C.I.C. Son of Jozef and Waclawa Kulimowski, of Rothwell, Queen's Co., New Brunswick.
Grave Reference: VII,F,6.

C/101116 L/CPL JAMES MARRS, died Thursday, 28th September 1944.
Grave Reference:III,F,6.

A/105836 PTE. THOMAS GORDON MILLS, died Sunday, 1st October 1944. Age 23.
C.I.C. Son of Gordon and Gretchen K. Mills, of Sarnia, Ontario.
Grave Reference: III,G,8.

A/17881 PTE. DONALD NEAL, died Wednesday, 27th September 1944. Age 25.
Son of Guy E. and Annie Neal, of Courtright, Ontario, Canada.
Grave Reference: VII,F,8.

C/73668 PTE. CHARLES NICHOLSON, died Friday, 29th September 1944. Age 21.
Son of C. Neilson Nicholson and Phyllis L. Nicholson, of Belleville, Ontario, Canada.
Grave Reference: VII,F,5.

A/11314 CPL. FRED FRANCIS SAPWELL, died Tuesday, 3rd October 1944. Age 40.
C.I.C. Son of Thomas E. Sapwell and of Julia K. Sapwell (nee Hawker), of Stratford, Ontario.
Grave Reference: III,H,9.


B/127906 PTE. DONALD EBER SCHOOLEY, died Wednesday, 1st November 1944. Age 27.
Son of Eber C. and May E. Schooley, of Humberstone, Ontario, Canada.
Grave Reference: VII,C,16.

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