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Take the autostrada A2 to Naples, and leave it at the Caserta Nord exit. Proceed to the first set of traffic lights and then turn left and continue along the main street eastward for 2.2 kilometres, past the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale). Just after the Royal Palace, about 0.2 kilometres, turn left at the main intersection (a piazza with round corners) and head north for 2.0 kilometres, following this street along the eastern edge of the Royal Gardens. After 2.0 kilometres, turn right and proceed directly westward for 0.8 kilometres, then turn southward down an incline. After a distance of 0.3 kilometres there will be a large Communal Cemetery located on the left; proceed to the main gates and the CWGC plot will be found at the end of this road.

The Royal Palace at Caserta served as headquarters for the Allied armies in Italy for the greater part of the duration of the Italian campaign. The site of the Caserta War Cemetery was chosen in April 1945. Some of the graves here are those of prisoners of war, some of men who died in hospital here; No.2 British General Hospital was at Caserta from December 1943 until September 1945. There are also a few burials resulting from the fighting in the middle of October 1943, on the River Volturno, which lies not far away to the north. There are now nearly 800, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, over 10 are unidentified.

K/42595 PTE. HENRY MANUEL VAN HORLICK, died on Monday, 21st February 1944. Age 23.
Son of Charlie and Mary Van Horlick, of Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada.
Grave Reference: VII,A,18.

A/38141 PTE. ROBERT JAMES WEINSTEIN, died Sunday, 18th March 1945. Age 22.
Son of Joseph E. and Sarah Ann Weinstein, of Waterloo, Ontario.
Grave Reference:VI,D,19

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