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Fenwick, Cpl. G. L.



Owen Sound, Ontario

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Fenwick, Cpl. G. L.
Fenwick, Cpl. G. L.

Additional Information:

C.L., Pte, 21Oct41; Pte, B. Coy, Jun42;Pte, B. Coy, 07Mar43; L/Cpl, 19May43; L/Cpl, D. Coy, 14Aug-10Sep43(WD) L/Cpl, Ericcson, Nov43; L/Cpl, post'd f/D. to HQ Coy, 07Dec43; L/Cpl, post'd HQ to Sp Coy, 27Dec43(WD); post'd f/D. to Sp. Coy, 01Apr44(Pt1O); Scout, Sp. Coy; post'd 19Jan45(Pt1O); HQ Coy(Perthonian, Aug 45); HQ, Sgt(Perthonian,Sep45)

Obituary Information:
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