Arrell, Maj. Clare Bert (Bert)



St. Mary's, Ontario

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Arrell, Maj. Clare Bert  (Bert)
Arrell, Maj. Clare Bert  (Bert)

Additional Information:

TOS, 04Sep39; OC D. Coy (Dec39); Maj, OC, D. Coy, 24Sep41; Maj, 21Oct41; TOS 15Jan42; Maj, OC, D. Coy, 11Apr42 & 06Feb43; Maj OC, Sp. Coy, 07Mar-10Sep43(WD); Maj, A/2-I-C, 07Sep44; Temp OC, 20Oct44; Hosp, 15Dec; TOS 31Dec; left TAC HQ as Battle Adjt, took over Sp. Coy, 10May45; SOS to Canada, 31May(WD)


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