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The War Cemetery lies on a communal road 1 kilometre south of the SS16 from Ravenna to Ferrara near the village of Piangipane in the Commune and Province of Ravenna.

The site for the cemetery was selected by the Army in 1945 for burials from the surrounding battlefields. Ravenna was taken by the Canadian Corps at the beginning of December 1944, and the burials in the cemetery there reflect the fighting for the Senio line and the period of relative quiet during the first three months of 1945. Many of the men buried there were Canadians; one of the last tasks of the Canadian Corps before being moved to north-west Europe was the clearing of the area between Ravenna and the Comacchio lagoon. Others buried there are Indians from the 10th Indian Division, and New Zealanders. The Cemetery also contains the graves of 30, 1914-18 War casualties concentrated in March 1974 from Gradisca Communal Cemetery, Italy and 3 other burials concentrated from other minor cemeteries in Italy. There are now over 30, 1914-18 and nearly 1000, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated at this site.

A/105415 PTE. MURRAY WILLIAM BELL, died Tuesday, 5th December 1944. Age 21. 
Son of Russell and Myrtle Bell, of Atwood, Ontario, Canada.
Grave Reference: VI.B.1.

F/60499 PTE. STANFORD CARR, died Monday, 11th December 1944.
Grave Reference: VI.G.26.

A/11825 PTE. EUGENE CLUTTERBUCK, died Sunday, 10th December 1944. Age 21.
Son of Ernest and Caroline Clutterbuck; husband of Blanche Marie Clutterbuck, of Kitchener. Ontario.
Grave Reference: VI.E.3.

B/118518 PTE. SAMUEL ALEXANDER COLTON, died Friday, 8th December 1944. Age 29.
Son of John and Mary Colton of Donkin, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
Grave Reference: VI.G.17.

B/24455 PTE. WILFRED CONTIN, died Friday, 8th December 1944. Age 21.
Son of Peter Contin, and of Philomena Contin, of Pickerel, Ontario.
Grave Reference: VI.G.16.

H/102761 PTE. DONALD LAVERNE CRAVE, died Sunday, 10th December 1944. Age 20.
Son of Gillert and Olga Crave, of Lillesve, Manitoba.
Grave Reference: VI.E.4.

LIEUT. NEVILLE STUART DRUMMOND, died Thursday, 4th January 1945. Age 21.
Son of Thomas R. and Muriel Barnes Drummond, of Moosomin, Saskatchewan.
Grave Reference: VI.E.26.

B/157575 L/CPL. PAUL DYCK, died Tuesday, 12th December 1944. Age 26.
Son of Jacob P. Dyck and Justina Dyck, of Laird, Saskatchewan.
Grave Reference: VI.G.25.

A/107840 PTE. ALBERT RONALD GEORGE, died Sunday, 10th December 1944. Age 34.
Son of Edwin James George and Florence Violet George, of Kerrwood, Ontario, Canada.
Grave Reference: VI.E.5.

G/49141 PTE. WESLEY J. HARRIS, died Monday, 8th January 1945.
Son of George and Edna Harris, of Boom Road, Northumberland Co., New Brunswick.
Grave Reference: VI.G.8.

A/71060 PTE. ORVAL C. E. LOCKERY, died Monday, 11th December 1944.
Grave Reference: VI.G.27.

C/79401 PTE. GEORGE ROBERT McNUTT, died Wednesday, 4th October 1944. Age 26.
Son of Robert George McNutt, and of Margaret McNutt, of Craighurst, Ontario.
Grave Reference: VI.A.17.

D/132964 PTE. JOHN DAVID MITCHELL, died Friday, 8th December 1944. Age 18.
Son of Arthur Stanley Mitchell and Muriel Mitchell,of Mount Royal, Montreal, Province of Quebec.
Grave Reference: VI.G.18.

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