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Groesbeek is located 10 km south east of the town of Nijmegen and close to the German frontier. Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery is 3 km north of the village and 1.5 km east of the main road to Nijmegen. On leaving the A73 motorway at the junction Overasselt-Mook-Groesbeek, follow directions to Mook. Follow direction signs towards Mook War Cemetery. After passing Mook War Cemetery continue to the village of Groesbeek to a set of traffic lights. Turn left at the lights onto Dorpstraat passing through Groesbeek. The road name then changes to Molenweg. A Commission direction sign indicates the right hand turning from Molenweg onto the Zeven Heuvelenweg. 1 km after entering this road lies the cemetery on the right hand side of the road. Within the cemetery is the Groesbeek Memorial, which commemorates by name those members of the Commonwealth land forces who died during the campaign in North-West Europe between the time of crossing the Seine at the end of August 1944, and the end of the war in Europe.


By far the greater number of the men buried in this cemetery were Canadians, and many of them lost their lives in the Battle of the Rhineland, when the 2nd and 3rd Canadian Infantry Divisions and the 4th Canadian Armoured Division took part in the drive southwards from Nijmegen to clear the territory between the Maas and the Rhine, in February and March 1945. Canadian casualties from 8th February to 10th March of that year totalled 5,304. Others buried here died earlier or later in the southern part of Holland and in the Rhineland. Within the cemetery stands the Groesbeek Memorial which commemorates those who died in the final stages of the war in Europe, and have no known grave.

B/68647 CPL. JAMES CHAMBERS, died on Tuesday, 10th April 1945.
Grave Reference: III.A.8.

A/11509 L/CPL. LAWRENCE NIMMO DEAN, died Monday, 2nd April 1945
Grave Reference: III.A.14.

C/34909 PTE. WILLIAM HEWARD, died Tuesday, 3rd April 1945.
Grave Reference: XV.F.1.

A/103495 L/CPL HENRY KOLAPACK, died Monday, 2nd April 1945. Age 32.
Son of Leon and Hlekeria Kolapack; husband of Josephine Kolapack, of Preston, Ontario.
Grave Reference: III.A.13.

D/46731 PTE. JOSEPH ARTHUR GORDON SHINNICK, died Tuesday, 10th April 1945.
Grave Reference: III.A.7.

B/111554 PTE. CHRIS WILLIAM THEDORFF, died Tuesday, 3rd April 1945. 
Grave Reference: III.A.12.

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